'It just made my day': Diner owner gets unexpected payment, note from customer who dined and dashed

Months after walking out on his bill, a restaurant customer returned to pay and give a heartfelt note to the owners.


When a man intentionally dined and dashed at a diner in Anchorage, Alaska, eight months ago, the restaurant owners never expected to hear from him again.

But this week, he returned to pay his tab and gave them a heartwarming note.

"When he was done eating, he left a note, and ah, it's pretty cool," Andy Kriner, owner of Kriner's Diner, told KTUU. "Haven't seen anything like this in my 35 years I've been — 35 or 40 years I've been in the restaurant business."

The customer, who did not identify himself, wrote: "Dear Mr. Kriner, when I was stuck in my addiction, I ate here last September, I left without paying. I'm truly sorry and regret my past actions. I understand if you are mad. I'm currently in recovery and have over seven and a half months 100% clean and sober. Please accept this money, good day sir."

"You know, once in a while, people walk out, but I've never had anybody come back, especially with a heartfelt note like this," Kriner said. "It's just awesome."

Kriner and his wife, Norann, appreciated the gesture.

"One little word of kindness goes a long way, you never know whose day your are going to make, ya know, by being nice to somebody," Kriner said. "This guy made my day, because his letter was soo heartfelt. It just made my day."

Kriner wished the anonymous customer well on his recovery journey.

"Of course I'm not mad at you, I'm proud of you," he said.