Watch these emotional reunions between three families, thanks to new COVID-19 guidelines

After months of waiting, three families share what it was like to reunite with their loved ones.


The COVID-19 pandemic caused many to make a difficult sacrifice: Many were unable to see their loved ones for safety. Thanks to new CDC and local guidelines, vaccinations and lower numbers of infection, these families were able to reunite, some that they haven't seen in over a year.

The families, and the reporters that told their stories, offer an inside look at what it was like to reunite with their loved ones after so much time.

We are living in unprecedented times with COVID-19 spreading across the nation and world, and the stories about how people are coping, battling, and persevering through the pandemic have become more important than ever.

In each episode, “Field Notes” brings you a handful of stories about how coronavirus has impacted real people across the United States, and you can hear more about what it’s like to cover the pandemic from the local news teams that are committed to keeping you informed, no matter what.