'COVID bandit' leaves massive $6,800 tip for staff at Denver restaurant

The staff at a Denver restaurant were stunned and grateful after a patron, calling themselves the "COVID bandit," gave a $6,800 tip.


The staff at a Denver restaurant called Guard and Grace were stunned and grateful after a patron left a $6,800 tip, distributed among the 34 employees working there that night.

The generous guest signed the receipt “COVID bandit” and also wrote “COVID sucks” along with a smiley face. The receipt is similar to one previously signed at another cafe and is the same amount per employee, according to WFLA.


According to staff member Ben Moon, who was working that Saturday night when the tip was left, the patron had been talking with the general manager for some time. He then went to one of the private dining rooms, the staff were lined up, and he personally handed each of them $200 in cash.

“His reservation was literally under the name COVID Bandit,” said Moon.

“Whoever this person is …, thank you so much for your act of kindness and your sincere genuine caring thoughtfulness you just bestowed on our Guard and Grace staff," Chef Troy Guard said in a post on Facebook.

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“You gave out $6800 DOLLARS in total … you gave $200 to each employee… some were crying – some are jumping up and down – some are dancing !

I don’t know who you are Mr. COVID BANDIT - but from the bottom of my heart - and our entire staff ..... THANK YOU."