Couple teaching inclusivity through 'The Crayon Project'

Inspired by a conversation on race with their children, they decided to do something.


Kids of all colors want to see themselves when they open a box of crayons. Now, Crayola has made that possible with their “Colors of the World” line, a collection of crayons, markers and pencils that include 24 different skin tones.

The conversations the Blighs were having with their two children about race equity inspired them to go a step further.

"For too long I think we kind of sat by and watched, and we wanted to do something to actually make a difference," said Kevin Bligh.

The couple decided to launch The Crayon Project. They wanted children everywhere to embrace and create art that reflected people of all races. Through their project, they collect donations online and ship the multicultural art supplies to schools all over the country.

"We've shipped to more than 50 schools and nonprofit organizations across the country so far. We actually were reached out to by the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, who asked if we'd be willing to ship a care package to Puerto Rico, which we were happy to do," said Kevin Bligh.

As an elementary school worker, Beth Ann knows first-hand how limited art supplies can be.

"If a classroom needs some crayons, I go to the supply room and get it, it's eight primary colors," said Beth Ann Bligh.

With each care package, they aren’t just increasing the number of art supplies, they’re teaching inclusivity.

"I think it's really inspiring to see that these are going to be in the hands of students that may not have access to these art supplies, that may make them a little bit more comfortable in their own art classes and classrooms," said Kevin Bligh.