Coronavirus causes price of cheese to soar to record levels

Prices have swung dramatically from a low at the start of the outbreak — to a 100-year high.


The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the price customers are paying for another staple: cheese.

Prices have swung dramatically from a low at the start of the outbreak, to a 100-year high.

The Wisconsin Cheesemakers Association said the price of cheddar is up due to massive demand from restaurants reopening.

Restaurants account for half of the cheese market.

"We've got restaurants looking for that sliced and shredded cheddar, you've got people at home wanting that shredded product, so this all bears down on that one product that sets the price of the entire industry," said John Umhoefer with the Wisconsin Cheesemakers Association. "Everyone's looking for cheddar right now."

Cheddar is now going for $2.70 per pound.

Industry experts said until supply catches up, consumers will inevitably eat the cost.

Workers at Larry's Market in Brown Deer, Wisconsin said customers are still buying cheese despite the cost.

They even sold out of a 20-year aged cheddar, which goes for more than $200 per pound.

"You gotta think, what's more important right now? Do I get some cheese and pay a little bit more? If I had a choice and I really want cheese, I would get the cheese," 0ne shopper said.

Experts said they expect cheese prices will eventually return to pre-pandemic levels.