Community mentor receives life-changing oral surgery

Perkins says she now has the confidence and self-esteem to help more youths


"She has lived her life for others, for her children and her family, making sure everyone's always taken care of, and she's always had to put herself on the back burner," said Dr. Kirstin Mccarville.

This is one of the many reasons why Terenza Perkins was the perfect candidate for a new smile.

"There was some bone that deteriorated, got really bad, and so my teeth started coming out," Terenza Perkins said.

Terenza is a youth mentor, and her dental issues began to give her anxiety at work.

So she reached out to oral surgeon Dr. Steve Coffey.

"We were going to try to identify someone in the community who had a need for this procedure, but not necessarily the means to afford it, and we were going to donate the surgery to them," said Coffey.

After the 90-minute procedure to remove her teeth, Terenza was ready to receive her implants.

"She really desired something that was fixed in her mouth, so she couldn't remove it, so it felt like her natural teeth again," said Mccarville.

“When you get that confidence and that self-esteem back. It keeps you motivated to continue to take care of yourself obviously but to be able to have the energy and the motivation, the confidence to help others to do what I do," said Terenza.