Community comes together to support food truck owner

Community supports food truck owner


Darrell Mason owns the Smacking Seafood food truck in West Baltimore. His goal was to provide a service that could help bring everyone together in his community.

“I had gotten [in] some trouble, got locked up, got my mind right in there, came home. I said I’m tired of being another statistic in Baltimore. I’m gonna do something right,” said Darrell Mason.

Darrell has been giving back and recently was planning a large cookout for the community, but his truck was broken into three times.

“I felt violated, violated all the way. I just didn’t wanna be here. My aunt died. I went to Alabama, came back, that's when the truck was vandalized. It was destroyed, they took everything,” said Mason.

Other business owners in the area tried to help Darrell out by referring potential customers.

“We got to do better. We have to do better and one of those ways that we can is by supporting one another especially when it comes to Black businesses,” said Tiffany Womble, an owner of a local Black-owned business.

“The money does nothing. I wanna see kids happy. I want to see people happy. In general nobody should be unhappy. That’s why I started this,” said Mason.