An Ohio zoo's adorable baby elephant experiences first swimming lesson

Zoo officials said Frankie's first swimming lesson went "very well."


The Columbus Zoo's 10-week-old baby Asian elephant experienced his first swimming lesson this weekend.

Zoo officials said mother elephant, Phoebe, gave the calf named Frankie his first swimming lesson and said it went "very well."

The baby elephant was named Frankie last week.

The elephant received his name from a donor family who prefers to remain anonymous. The donor family chose the name Frankie to honor their mother Frances who died in November. Frances' grandchildren called her Granny Franny.

Frances' family was pleased to name the elephant Frankie to honor their mother and to contribute to elephant conservation, according to the zoo.

Frankie was born to 33-year-old Asian elephant Phoebe at 8:48 p.m. on June 16. Zoo officials said the calf is a boy and that he appears to be strong. He was nursing shortly after birth.

Earlier last week, the baby Asian elephant ventured outside for the first time.

"From climbing on the top of dirt hills to rolling around in the mud to drinking out of the pool, Phoebe's calf had lots to see and do, while not venturing too far from mom, of course!" the zoo wrote on Facebook.

Watch in video player above: Columbus Zoo's baby Asian elephant explores outside for first time