People are putting their Christmas lights back up as a sign of hope amid coronavirus fears

As COVID-19 continues to spread and the need for social distancing increases, Twitter users are calling for people to put their Christmas lights back up as a sign of hope.


With home isolation increasing, social distancing in place, restaurants and venues partially or temporarily closing, events being canceled, some cities in total lockdown, and people sadly dying from the virus, people in every corner of the world are being impacted by COVID-19.

The need for a light at the end of the tunnel is especially significant, which is why a call to get the Christmas lights back out is taking the internet by storm. And it seems like the nation is embracing a return to festive decor. Well, if you're going to be stuck in your home, you might as well make it look pretty.

Like Twitter user @lanegrindle suggests, if everyone put their lights up, driving around to look at Christmas lights is a safe activity to enjoy while social distancing. Plus, it's a great distraction for kids who are not at school.

For others, though, hanging Christmas lights represents so much more. As Twitter user @lisastregis shares, the lights serve as a sign of hope in a particularly dark time. Lisa recounts how an elderly neighbor asked a friend's husband to turn on their Christmas lights because of the darkness in the world right now. They obliged and "there are bright dancing Christmas lights now on in their neighborhood." She ends her post with #CoronaKindness, a reminder for all of us to show a little extra love in these trying times.

Other Twitter users are making a similar call, asking everyone to make their own light in a time of darkness.