Man decorates 'Christmas Car' with thousands of holiday lights

Even getting in trouble with police last year hasn't stopped this man's annual tradition of trying to spread holiday cheer.


As part of a yearly tradition, one man has decorated the hood, doors and nearly the entire body of his car in holiday lights. His goal: to spread holiday cheer in his community.

Brandon Wooden has been decorating his Ford sedan with holiday lights every year for the past six years. What started as a simple string of lights around his hood during the first year has turned into a roughly 3,000 holiday light display that he calls his "Christmas car."

Last year, Wooden was pulled over and received a ticket for improper lighting of his vehicle. But even that hasn't stopped him from trying to bring the spirit of Christmas to his community. It's a tradition that's important to him because of the reactions he gets from strangers, and most importantly, from his 2-year-old son, Ian.

Watch the video above to learn more about the Christmas car.