Celebrity magician creates YouTube magic show for kids

Although he's used to traveling the world and performing for celebrities, he's taken his tricks online for a daily magic show.


The stay-home order has been tough on kids, so a Maryland magician decided to teach them something fun.

"There are loads of kids at home, they're bored, they don't know what to do," said Chris Dugdale.

Dugdale, of Annapolis, has been entertaining children with a daily magic show on his YouTube channel called "The Kids Magic Academy."

"The most gratifying thing, I think, is that they're saying, you know, 'Now, my child is interested in magic,' whereas when they bought a magic set, they were never interested," Dugdale said.

Dugdale has a few cards up his sleeve. He is an accomplished magician, having performed for Queen Elizabeth II. He travels the world and performs for celebrities.

"Everyone from Beyoncé to the Pentagon," Dugdale said.

He has also performed national TV, too. But performing in front of thousands of people isn't happening now. Everything has stopped because of the pandemic.

"It has changed everything. I don't have a real audience anymore," Dugdale said.

Instead of a vanishing act, he set up a makeshift studio in his Annapolis home to pull back the curtain and reveal some tricks with the help of his magician's assistant, Lara Dugdale.

"It's really fun doing The Kids Magic Academy to teach other people, even though we can't see them," she said.

Chris Dugdale agrees and said the time together is so valuable. They love hearing what families have to say.

"They're saying, 'For the first time, my little boy has confidence. For the first time ever, my little girl managed to stand up and do a show,'" Chris Dugdale said.

There is no illusion — that's pretty magical.