Child's letter in a bottle makes it all the way from Cuba to Florida

The bottle set sail in 2017 during Hurricane Irma


While exploring the waters near their Florida beach home, the Bodiford family discovered a letter in a bottle.

I've always just wanted to find one, I would go to a beach and I would look in rocky areas just hoping I would find one day... never expecting we actually would," said Katie Bodiford.

The letter’s author is thought to be a child from Cuba who released it during Hurricane Irma.

The Category 4 storm also hit Florida in 2017.

"I wonder how long it's actually been there ‘cause it was pretty far into the brush," said Brandon Bodiford.

"It's just amazing that that kid went out there in these really big winds with this Hurricane Irma and was brave enough to throw it out there in the ocean," said Katie.

"Parts of it were ripping and it was really, really difficult, took like 30-45 minutes just to get it done," said Brandon Bodiford.

The author writes they hope to live in North Florida one day and signed off with “I really hope somebody finds this.”

"I think it’s really cool," said their son Logan.

The Bodifords also shared their discovery on Facebook in hopes that the author sees their letter arrived exactly where they hoped it would.