How a stranger's kindness in Kansas saved the wedding day for a Michigan couple

The surprise came complete with some advice.


When Emily Kates saw the orange box on her stoop in Shawnee, Kansas, immediately knew something was off. It was too big for the cards she ordered for her son's birthday party.

"I was confused because I only needed a dozen invitations," Kates said.

But the box was addressed to Kates, so she opened it.

Inside she found stacks of wedding invitations for a couple she didn't know.

The box didn't include their address or last names.

"There was nothing," she said, "the packaging slip didn't have any details with it."

Kates took to Facebook and ask her friends to help. In just one hour, Kates found Audra Moyle.

"I got a message from Facebook (saying) 'We've got invitations of yours, we have your wedding invitations!' And I'm like, 'This must be some kind of scam," Moyle said.

The bride-to-be soon discovered the message wasn't a scam — it was a helping hand from a kind stranger.

Wasting no time, Kates mailed the invitations to the couple, along with some wedding gifts: Kansas City goodies and a Kansas City Chiefs T-shirt.

"Well, that's just what Kansas Citians do," Kates said. "I'm a big believer in what goes around comes around, and to pay it forward."

When Moyle opened the box, she was in for the surprise. She never expected a stranger to go to such lengths.

"Emily put a little card in about how long they've been together, and how not every day is good, not every year is good, but you push through," Moyle said. "I really love that."

Moyle hadn't been a Chiefs fan before but said she's now certainly a fan of the Kingdom for coming together to help make her special day perfect.

The bride and groom will tie the knot on Jan. 15.