Bystander steps up to save police officer from fiery crash

'I know the value of human life. You can't replace it"


Daylan McLee was a bystander who became a hero when he didn’t hesitate to rescue a man in need.


That man was Uniontown Police officer Jay Hanley.

Jay’s police cruiser collided with a teenage driver at an intersection, before it erupted into flames.

Daylan witnessed the crash and jumped in to assist Police Capt. David Rutter to pull Jay to safety.

"He was asking not to be moved. Not to be moved. His leg. Then we started to see the flames start to come inside of the car from the bottom and I knew we had to get him out," said Daylan McLee.

Uniontown Mayor Bill Gerke wasn't surprised to learn Daylan jumped in to save Hanley.

He’s known Daylan for more than 15 years, and says this is a part of his character.

“The day I met him, is still the way he is today. He cares about people, he cares about Uniontown and that's what Uniontown is all about,” said Mayor Bill Gerke.

Thanks to Daylan’s quick actions, Jay is alive and recovering in the hospital.

As for Daylan, he says it was just the right thing to do.

"Human life. A lot of crazy things are going on in the world and I haven't had the best ends in life, but I know the value of human life. You can't replace it,” said McLee.