'He was excited': Boy injured in lawnmower accident returns to school

Alex Hook, now 7 years old, returned to school on a part-time basis after undergoing skull implant surgery.


Alex Hook, the Wisconsin first-grader critically injured in a lawnmower incident, has returned to school.

In September, Alex was playing during recess when a piece of metal kicked up by a lawnmower hit him in the head.

He spent a month recovering in a hospital.

His family said the now 7-year-old is walking and talking and went back to school Monday on a part-time basis.

"It was all very exciting. He was excited. His fellow classmates were excited. Teachers were excited. And he lasted about two hours before he started to get really tired, and unfortunately, he has physical therapy after that, so it was a very exhausting day for him," said Michelle Koertgen, Alex's aunt.

Alex will attend school for three hours a day right now as well as physical therapy every day.

Health officials are still monitoring him after he had skull implant surgery a couple of months ago.