3-year-old boy awarded for quick-thinking that saved trapped neighbor's life

"The intelligent quick-thinking and unusual actions by Eyas Tran on this occasion resulted in saving the neighbor's life."


Being trapped in a windowless basement room might be enough to make anyone panic, but Peggy Pilat-Roth never did, because she knew she would be saved by her toddler neighbor.

Eyas Tran, 3, was out for a walk with his mother, Minh Tran, when he noticed three newspapers stacked on Pilat-Roth's steps. His quick thinking prompted him to ring her doorbell, and when she didn't answer, his mom called police. When police found Pilat-Roth, she had been trapped in the room for 4 days. Now, Eyas is receiving an award for his quick thinking that saved his neighbor's life.

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