Boutique store offering prom deals, steals that benefit special cause

It's prom season and thousands of young women will be on the hunt for the perfect dress.


It's prom season and thousands of young women will be on the hunt for the perfect dress.

That's where Ultra Chic Boutique comes in. The store's mission is to match girls with the perfect prom dress.

Max I. Walker's 12th annual Ultra Chic Boutique in Omaha, Nebraska, offered up formal dresses for $30 and provided a way for shoppers to donate money to a local charity.

"These dresses are all for sale today, $30, and every dollar we earn today from dress sales is going to go straight to the Nebraska Alzheimer's Association," said Max I. Walker marketing director Steph Dorland.

The Ultra Chic Boutique started donating to the Nebraska Alzheimer's Association in 2018, after a Walker family member was diagnosed with the disease.

"It really hit home. It showed the stress and the strain it can really have on a family," said Kasey Walker.

Formal dresses were collected for a year, and every single one was professionally dry-cleaned and pressed.

"I have a couple in mind, but I do want to try this one on," said shopper Tiana Scott. This is her first prom.

Since Max I. Walker is expecting thousands to come through the doors, the line forms quickly for a chance to try on dresses.

Ultra Chic Boutique also has wedding dresses for $30.

"They said $30 for a dress, I have to be there," said Scott.

She is planning on going to prom in style.

"I even want a tiara. All that," said Scott.

Over the years, the Ultra Chic Boutique has helped thousands of young women find the dress of their dreams, while giving back to local nonprofits.

"You're not just spending your dollars worthlessly. It goes to a great cause," said Walker.

All the dresses that are not sold today will be donated to the Open Door Mission. Max I. Walker hopes to raise more funds than it did last year, which was $20,000.