Radio host's wife running Boston Marathon for husband's ex

Everyone has a reason for lacing up for the Boston Marathon — for one woman, it's to help her husband's ex-wife.


A Massachusetts woman is running the Boston Marathon for someone who some might say is an unlikely inspiration in her life – her husband's ex-wife.

Nicole Torres is ready for the big day, and she knows who she'll be thinking about the entire 26.2 miles.

"Keeping your reason why really close to your heart when it starts to get really tough," Nicole Torres said.

Sandie Rossini has stage 4 brain cancer.

"There's no cure. I have what's called glioblastoma. I've had it for eight years, and I'm here, and I feel great," Rossini said.

This is the second time Nicole Torres is running for Rossini.

"A little after she had our daughter, she said, 'I want to run the marathon for Sandie,'" said Nicole’s husband, Ramiro Torres.

Ramiro Torres was married to Rossini for about 10 years.

A year after they split up, Rossini found out she had a brain tumor, and doctors at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center performed emergency surgery. She then underwent aggressive chemotherapy and radiation.

"A tumor the size of an apple had pushed my brain all the way to the left side of my head," Rossini said. "Nobody could believe that I was alive, never mind walking and talking."

Sharing two children, Rossini and her ex-husband are as amicable as two divorced people could possibly be. It's evident in their family dynamic and Rossini's friendship with Ramiro and his new wife of three years.

"She's been sick since I've known him, but there was never any sense of, 'Oh my ex-wife' this. It's always been, they have a love there, and I think that's mostly due to the kids, and they know the happier she is, the healthier she'll be," Nicole Torres said.

As a fellow wife and mom, she said she's in awe of Rossini's courage and strength and her will to live.

Nicole Torres is running for Beth Israel Lahey Health, which has given Rossini a fighting chance.

"Most recently it came back in November, but they take care of me and we get through it," Rossini said.

Rossini said her doctors recently found another small tumor, and she is once again undergoing radiation. She is staying positive about the situation and raising money for cancer research.