Big, bad bird bullying Boston burg with blockages, blitzes

The turkey recently attacked an older person, and is known to use his claws to attack humans.


This Boston neighborhood is being terrorized by one big, bad bird. The lurking turkey was first spotted in May.

But perhaps knowing Thanksgiving was looming, the turkey recently made a rather threatening reappearance.

The large bird has a tendency to chase cars, block people from leaving their cars and go after people on the street.

Many residents have frightening stories of interactions.

"It tried to [bite] me, you know? I make a movement and he backed up," said Jean Frantz Moliere, who had his own experience with the terrifying turkey.

"He was coming out of the driveway, my Dad, and the turkey was attacking him. And I just made a quick run for the door," said Cendy Moliere, Frantz Moliere's daughter who witnessed the attack.

An anonymous driver said this behavior isn't new: "It took another car to come. We were there over 5 minutes waiting to this turkey to let up."

"You would think it would attack with its mouth, no, it used its claws to attack the person with the cane," they added.

Boston 311 was contacted after the turkey went after an older person. Fortunately, no one has been seriously hurt.