Baseball coach manages game remotely from cell phone

With his new baby recovering in the NICU, Tyler Brown used his cell phone to come back to the dugout.


A baseball coach in Iowa was pumped up to begin his first-ever season as head coach. After one game, he had to leave.

Tyler Brown and his wife, Hannah, welcomed their first child, Brody, to the world June 16, just 22 weeks into the pregnancy. While Brody gains strength in the NICU, Coach Brown is staying in Iowa City. Wednesday night, he was able to virtually join his team in Des Moines.

Brown had been watching the games on YouTube, but his players set up a Microsoft Teams call that allowed him to witness his team's first victory of the season.

"It felt amazing," Brown said. "I was up and down. It was amazing. My heart was racing."

Brown says he'll continue to coach virtually as long as his son needs him to be in Iowa City. A GoFundMe page has been set up for his family.