Coronavirus survivor: 'COVID is the devil ... it took everything from me'

Sharon Jones says she's still very weak physically and emotionally, but is getting stronger every day. She expressed her gratitude to the doctors and nurses who she said saved her life.


A Maryland woman recovering from the coronavirus expressed her gratitude to the doctors and nurses who she said saved her life.

Sharon Jones, of Baltimore, said she is still very weak physically and emotionally, but she is getting stronger every day. She started to feel ill just before the end of October.

"I was feeling weak and I started coughing," Jones said.

Because she suffers from COPD, her doctor told her to get a coronavirus test, and it came back positive.

"My son was with me, and he had COVID and the flu," Jones said.

Her symptoms got much worse.

"All I know is, two days later, I wasn't breathing and ended up at St. Agnes Hospital," Jones said.

She said her oxygen levels were extremely low. She got care from medical staff, including infectious disease doctors, who put her on experimental drugs, plasma and steroids.

"People need to know how well they are taking care of these COVID patients," Jones said.


A week later, her breathing was improving and the hospital needed the bed, so Jones was transferred to the field hospital at the Baltimore Convention Center, where she continued to get around-the-clock care.

"It's like a makeshift hospital. I got excellent, excellent, excellent care there," Jones said.

She described medical staff at the convention center as nice, caring, nurturing and exhausted.

"But I didn't ever hear any complaints. They kept moving, moving, moving. They always came in with a smile, (asking) 'How are you feeling? What can we do for you?' They were very good. They need to be commended," Jones said.

Jones was then transferred to the Lord Baltimore Hotel, which was converted to a temporary care facility for coronavirus patients.

"I'm walking with a cane because of COVID. My hips and my legs feel like mush," Jones said.

Jones gives a reprimand to people who aren't taking the recent spike in coronavirus cases seriously, saying: "I need people to put their masks on and their shields on because this is not good at all. If you don't want to protect yourself, protect somebody else."


Jones may be allowed to go home in two days. She said she will have to wear a mask and a shield.

"COVID is the devil. COVID took my will, it took my strength, it took everything from me," Jones said.

Her 43-year-old son is still recovering from the coronavirus and the flu, so he and she will have to be isolated on separate floors of their home.