Authorities: Missing Florida mom who died in Nebraska traveled after having 'vision'

Angela Jolley, 46, and Alexis Jolley, 19, were first reported missing on July 23 after they vanished from Florida.


A missing Florida mother died in Nebraska after suffering a medical episode in a convenience store, according to reports.

Angela Jolley, 46, and Alexis Jolley, 19, were first reported missing on July 23 after they vanished from St. Petersburg, Florida, according to the Tampa Bay Times. People Magazine reports they were reported missing after Angela failed to show up for work.

The two brought their dogs but left behind laptops, phones and other devices when they suddenly left. A bank withdrawal was made, according to police. They were listed as missing and endangered.

Around 6:30 a.m. on July 29, the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office and the Gretna Fire Department were dispatched to a rescue call indicating that a woman had fallen at a Quik Trip on Sapp Bros. Drive in Sarpy County. When emergency personnel arrived, they found Angela Jolley conscious and breathing. She collapsed and was subsequently transported to Midlands Hospital where she died.

Authorities said no foul play to be involved and the death is medical in nature.

Alexis Jolley told the Sarpy County sheriff that her mother had a vision from God that they needed to spread the gospel. She said the two prayed together and Alexis Jolley had a vision that they needed to go to Nebraska.

Once in Nebraska, the women spent two nights in their car outside Walmart locations in Lincoln and Gretna. On July 29, the two were cleaning up at the Quik Shop when Angela Jolley suffered her medical episode.

Desiree Cook, Alexis’s half-sister, told People that the entire ordeal has left loved ones confused.

“It’s really just a shock,” says Cook, 28. “They had a trip planned for Maine and were supposed to leave yesterday. Of course they didn’t show up at the airport because they were already ... in Nebraska.”

She added: “None of Angela’s close friends knew. Everyone is saying that they had no idea and saying to me 'It’s so not like her.'”

An autopsy is planned for Thursday. Angela had surgery on her gallbladder a few months back, but officials do not know if that played a role.

Officials say Alexis is still in Nebraska with her two dogs. The Sarpy County Sheriff is working to set her up in a hotel.