Athlete unknowingly played football season with cancer

Multi-sport athlete has leukemia


Brooks Trom is a multi-sport high school athlete who completed the football season not knowing he had leukemia the whole time.

"I was speechless because I have always been a really healthy kid. I have never been in the hospital before," said Brooks Trom.

Treatment kept him off the basketball court once football ended, but his teammates wanted to make sure he knew he was still part of the team.

"He is our comedy relief in practices. That's the part we really miss because he provided the humor," said Joe Franey, Brooks' basketball coach.

"I have been buddies with these guys since I was in preschool," said Trom.

"We wanted to show support that he wasn't in the fight alone," said Franey.

Coach Joe Franey, who has known them since they were in second grade, organized a special surprise so Brooks would know he wasn’t forgotten.

"We organized with his parents that we would come up and they would bring him down to the main doors, and we would all stand out there and wave," said Franey.

Not only did his teammates show up, half the town surprised Brooks outside Blank Children's Hospital.

“They are basically my family. When I saw them there I could tell they were very emotional, too,” said Trom.

Brooks’ teammates even shaved their heads before Brooks lost his own hair.

"It's just unreal. I don't even know how to describe it. I am just kind of speechless," said Trom.