Artist paints portrait of 6-year-old girl whose inspiring words during protest went viral

The words of a 6-year-old girl attending a peaceful protest inspired one artist hundreds of miles away to do something special for her.


When 6-year-old Jordyn Smith stated that the attendees of a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Cincinnati, Ohio, made her "feel like I was a person," those words captured the nation's attention. The video of her inspiring quote was liked and shared by viewers across social media platforms, and one of those viewers decided to pay tribute to Smith in the form of art.

Heather Romano is an artist who lives hundreds of miles away in North Carolina, and she couldn't help but feel inspired by Smith's words of wisdom. So she painted a portrait of the 6-year-old girl, being sure to include the words "I am a person" at the top of the piece. Romano has since sent the painting to Smith, who says it's "beautiful just like me."

Watch the video above to learn the full story and see the beautiful portrait of Smith.