Art teacher creates all-in-one shoe for homeless community, health care workers and more

The weatherproof, all-in-one kit was created to help those that stand on their feet for long periods of time.


Mikea Hugley has always had a passion for shoes and, in 2018, took a step to use that passion for good.

"I put my passion together for footwear and I did research on the homeless community, and found out one of their number one needs is socks. So I’m like OK, if they need socks, they probably also need shoes. So that's how I started," Hugley said.

Hugley created her shoe brand, Makers for Humankind, and won $29,000 through MICA’s UP/Upstart Venture Competition.

"It's basically for people who are on their feet for long periods of time. That’s the health care workers, teachers, even people in grocery stores. So, my product also serves them," she said. Her all-in-one shoe kit has weatherproof socks and much more.

Showing how it works, Hugley said, "My shoe comes with a strap, screws and the actual shoe. I designed it that way so that people can choose how they want to wear it. Do you want to wear it as a slide or do you want to wear it as a whole shoe?"

Hugley works as a graphics art teacher at Milford Mill High School and worked at a makerspace called Open Works to create the shoe. She used a 3D printer to print the shoe and straps. Next, she plans to test the customizable shoes with her target audiences.

"I'm also looking for possible investors and different people that will support my vision for Baltimore. For the community I'm trying to serve," she said.

You can learn more about Makers For Humankind on the website here.