Good Samaritans say they're glad to be alive after being shot while helping someone

"God has bigger plans for us. I think our time was not done yet and there's more to come for both of us."


"God has bigger plans for us. I think our time was not done yet and there's more to come for both of us," Derek Riggs said.


Riggs and Jake Myers were shot while trying to help a stranded motorist on Interstate 40 near Vian, Oklahoma, on July 17.

"It looked like he had run out of gas and needed some help," Riggs said. "And we knew there was a storm coming, and being the good-hearted Samaritans we are, we pulled over. It was just something that we would want someone to do for us if we were in that situation."

Myers was shot in the face and is hopeful he will regain his smile after he undergoes surgery in a few weeks. Since the shooting, he's not been able to eat solid food.

"I was hit right here, it came in here and out on the right side of my jaw and landed in my arm. It took out most of my lower jaw, most of my teeth on my lower side and I lost a few on the top," Myers said.

Riggs was shot three times and was released from the hospital after undergoing four surgeries for his injuries.

"I had one (bullet) that went in my torso and it hit almost every major organ. I lucked out. I'm fortunate to be alive. Sitting here talking to you is just a miracle in and of itself," Riggs said.

Lee King is accused of shooting Riggs and Myers. King is also suspected of shooting an Oklahoma City woman during a carjacking. King was arrested by U.S. Marshals several days after the shooting in Dallas, Texas.

Both men told our sister station 40/29 News they are grateful for the community support they're received since the shootings and said more than $50,000 has been donated to help with their medical expenses.

"I think our job was to get that man off the streets," Myers said.

"It just came down to everything happens for a reason, and it's just not our time," Riggs said.