These are the videos you're going to want to watch from this week

A SpaceX launch, a peek inside the life of wolves and a large pod of orcas are just some of the shots that captured our attention this week.


A SpaceX launch, a peek inside the life of wolves and a large pod of orcas are just some of the shots that captured our attention this week. Take a look below at this week in video.

SpaceX launches another crew

SpaceX has launched its third crew in under a year for NASA, this time using a recycled rocket and capsule.

A Falcon rocket carrying four astronauts blasted toward orbit early Friday morning from Central Florida’s Kennedy Space Center.

The Dragon capsule should reach the International Space Station on Saturday.

It’s the same capsule that carried up the first SpaceX crew last May. And the rocket hoisted the second crew in November. SpaceX founder Elon Musk met briefly with the U.S., French and Japanese astronauts before they headed to the launch pad.

Take a look at the launch in the video player above.

UPS to the rescue

Four-year-old Max Pratt is known for bringing packages into the house for his mom.

That task turned dangerous on Thursday when a 100-pound box was delivered to the Chicago-area home and fell on Max as he tried to carry it inside.

"I was scared I was going to fall down the stairs," Max told WBBM.

The doorbell camera at the home captures Max screaming for help.

Then, it shows the UPS driver who had just delivered the package rushing to the rescue.

"I was saying help and the package man just came back," Max said.

Ever wonder what a wolf does all day?

Researchers got a chance to see it from the animal's perspective, thanks to a collar cam.

The team at Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota recently fastened a collar cam on a lone wolf they'd trapped and sedated, then sent him on his way.

"Well, the highlight for us was watching the wolf catch fish," said Tom Gable, a member of the research team.

Another highlight was "just watching the wolf chewing on a deer leg bone," Gable said.

The researchers have also watched wolves snacking on blueberries and sleeping through sometimes furry conditions.

"The lens was covered in hair," Gable said.

Next time, the team says they'll probably trim the wolf's hair near the collar cam for a better view.

Orcas take California

A large pod of orcas was spotted in Monterey Bay on Saturday by the Princess Monterey Whale Watching boat in California.

According to boat photographer, Randy Straka, two or three family groups of killer whales were swimming along with each other. They estimated there was 18 orcas in the group.

"While we were on our way to see some Humpbacks that had been reported, some alert customers spotted what turned out to be a VERY large group of Orcas," Straka wrote to KSBW in an email.

CNN contributed to this report.