AP: President Trump wins North Carolina, still falls short of reelection

President Trump has won North Carolina again, according to The Associated Press.


President Donald Trump has won North Carolina and its 15 electoral votes, staving off a hard-fought challenge by President-elect Joe Biden and holding the battleground state for Republicans.

Trump’s victory in North Carolina brings him to 232 electoral votes, according to The Associated Press. Biden, who was declared the winner of the election on Nov. 7, has 290 electoral votes and defeated Trump by flipping Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona, news outlets have reported.

Trump campaigned aggressively in North Carolina with in-person rallies at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, including gatherings in Fayetteville, Winston-Salem and Greenville in the weeks before the election.

He was scheduled to hold the Republican National Convention in the state but pulled out after a fight with the state’s Democratic governor over coronavirus restrictions.


The Associated Press has still not called the presidential race in Georgia, which is conducting a recount.