Amtrak will soon require face masks for passengers

Passengers planning to travel by train should be prepared to wear facial coverings when Amtrak's policy takes effect.


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Amtrak will soon require passengers to wear face masks, joining numerous travel companies that have recently put similar policies in place.


According to Amtrak's website, the company is still operating as an essential service for those who must travel and has suspended certain services due to reduced demand, but will require facial coverings for passengers beginning May 11.

"Facial coverings can be removed when customers are eating in designated areas, in their private rooms, or seated alone or with a travel companion in their own pair of seats," Amtrak's policy says. "Service will be denied to customers not wearing facial coverings."

Customers must supply their own face masks. Small children who are not able to maintain facial coverings are exempt from the requirement.

Amtrak is advising passengers to take precautions when traveling to other states, as each state may have different policies for face masks.

Major airlines have also announced policies requiring passengers to wear face masks.

United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Air Canada have recently announced face mask mandates for passengers.