Flag display at 9/11 Remembrance Garden to honor victims damaged

Some of the flags placed to honor the victims of the terror attacks were found tossed on the ground.


Some of the nearly 3,000 American flags placed in a Boston garden in honor of those lost on Sept. 11, 2001, were found damaged Thursday.

The 2,997 flags were planted Wednesday in the 9/11 Garden of Remembrance near one of the park’s entrances.

Several of the flags were found uprooted early Thursday, lying on the ground broken.

A team from Project 351, a Boston nonprofit organization, planted the flags and encouraged others to honor the lives of those lost.

"A lot of people will wake up Saturday and forget the day signifies anything," said Christie Coombs, who lost her husband in the terror attacks.

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Coombs said she hopes people remember the lives lost and remember the service that sacrifice inspires.

The Garden of Remembrance was completed in 2004 and commemorates the more than 200 people with ties to Massachusetts who died in the attacks.