Boy with dreams of becoming a cop gets surprise visit from his hero

Meet the inspiring kid of the week


Amari got a very special visit on his fifth birthday.

"Amari came to me months before his birthday and said, ‘Mama I only want one thing and it’s not Paw Patrol. Mama I want a police to come to my birthday,’” said Shantae Yarbough-Hall.

Amari’s mom, Shantae, says he has been fascinated with police since he was two years old.

“When I’m driving he tries to roll the window down and wave. I have to remind him to stay buckled in his seat,” said Shantae.

So, Shantae did what moms do. She made it happen.

“My best friend Leslie knew of Officer Tyree Duncan from college and she made a phone call to him," said Shantae.

“Duncan showed up with a badge for Amari. Officer Duncan works with Greenwood County Sheriff Department and he made Amari’s day really special.”

Amari wants to be a state trooper when he grows up.