Air Force veteran hit and killed while waiting for help with flat tire

Tim Flaherty, of Lincoln, Nebraska, was parked on the shoulder of the highway Saturday when he was hit but a driver suspected to be under the influence.


Police are investigating a 21-year-old driver who hit an Air Force veteran who was parked on the shoulder of a Nebraska highway with a flat tire Saturday afternoon.

Police say they're looking into alcohol and speeding as factors in the crash that killed 76-year-old Tim Flaherty. His daughter, Susan Flaherty, said he was working a shift for Physicians Laboratory Services in Omaha, Nebraska.

"He worked about three days a week just to keep himself active and have something to do," Susan said. "He ran up to Omaha to pick up some supplies for them."

Joaquin Dimayuga-Alvarado was driving a black car that hit Tim's work vehicle from behind, according to Omaha police. Officials booked him for felony motor vehicle homicide.

"Knowing my father, I'll bet you a million dollars he was listening to some type of a ballgame or something on the radio," Susan said. "And he was reading his book. He never went anywhere without a book."

Dimayuga-Alvarado then veered across west-bound interstate traffic, hitting a Jeep Cherokee with two people inside.

Officials say the driver and passenger in the Jeep Cherokee are OK.

A 16-year-old passenger in Dimayuga-Alvarado's vehicle was sent to a nearby hospital. A spokesperson says the female passenger is in stable condition Monday.

Susan Flaherty says she never knew her father to have a drop of alcohol.

"The fact that drunk driver hit him... the irony of that does not escape me," Susan said.