Map details what happened to Ahmaud Arbery in the Georgia neighborhood where he was shot and killed

This map details what happened and where on Feb. 23, 2020 when Ahmaud Arbery was fatally shot in the Satilla Shores neighborhood outside Brunswick, Georgia.


On Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020, 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery went for a run in a Georgia neighborhood known as Satilla Shores.

Father and son Greg and Travis McMichael grabbed guns and jumped in a pickup truck to pursue the Black man after seeing him running in their neighborhood. Their neighbor William "Roddie" Bryan joined the pursuit in his own pickup and recorded cellphone video of Travis McMichael fatally shooting Arbery.

All three men were convicted of murder Wednesday for Arbery's death.

Sister station WJCL created the map below to take a closer look at what happened, and when, that day in the Glynn County neighborhood.

This map is best viewed on desktop. Click on the numbered circle to see closely grouped locations.