After a devastating diagnosis, mother creates Times Square billboard to find love for her daughter

"It’s my turn to be her wingman and try to find her love.”


Amongst all the flashing lights and colorful advertisements in New York City's Times Square is a billboard that's catching a lot of attention.

The ad says "date my daughter," but the story behind it may not be what you think.

A Boston woman was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer for the second time in June 2020. Beth Davis said the cancer has since spread to her bones and she wanted to find a way to help her daughter, Molly, find the right person to share her life with.

“It’s a tough time in anyone’s life finding out that news," she said. "Molly has been my wingman taking me to appointments even this week and now it’s my turn to be her wingman and try to find her love.”

Beth took that a step further and reached out to a dating site called Wingman, where friends and family are in charge of the matchmaking. Her story reached the company's CEO, who helped make the billboard happen. It will be on display until Jan. 25.

“I’m really hoping Molly finds a man who has this loving family so that when I’m gone, that she still has a nice loving family," Beth said.

So far, Beth and Molly said they've had some good responses to the ad.