'Absolutely incredible': Teacher helps student's father in need of transplant

A South Carolina teacher heard a voice when he learned a student's parent needed help.


A high school teacher who learned about a student in need made a dramatic gesture of goodwill.

Teacher Ray Steadman learned Rob Pokora, the father of one of his students, had kidney failure and needed a transplant.

"Really, there was no hope in sight as far as donors that really came forward," Pokora said.

Steadman helped out, and the two families have become even closer.

Pokora had asked his son and wife to keep his condition a secret.

But after Robbie Pokora shared the news, Steadman decided to help.

The donation was a success in August, but the gift has continued to give.

"Now with no machine, my dad is able to live like any other person," Robbie Pokora said.

Tap the video above to hear from the families about their journeys.