A woman collecting thousands of bottles of water for homeless people inspired us this week

"It hurts my heart that people are homeless," she said.


These are the stories that inspired us this week:

In her fifth year collecting water bottles, Amber Parham's warehouse is fuller than ever.

She's collected 32 pallets, which adds up to more than 64,000 bottles of water.

Her campaign, Hydrate the Homeless, will take every bottle to homeless outreach groups in her area.

Meanwhile, a New Mexico teen is helping young children to fill a void that he experienced in his own life.

"I always wanted to be the person I needed when I was their age," Edgar Sarceno said.

When Sarceno was their age, he felt alone with no family support. By his junior year of high school, he was homeless and living in his car.

Those who knew him had no idea what he was going through. He got good grades, worked multiple jobs and volunteered to help kids learn to read.

And two men in Florida who have spinal cord injuries are a source of inspiration through their adaptive workouts.

C.J. Bellamy and David Kellam have known each other since middle school. When they were younger, they both played sports and aspired to play professionally.

But separate tragedies reunited them.

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