'A truly crazy coincidence': Hiker finds bride’s lost charm that honors her late father

The charm did more than make it back to the bride.


Amber Flevaris said that when you grow up, you dream about your dad walking you down the aisle. But on her wedding day, it was her mother who walked her down the aisle.

Flevaris' father died unexpectedly three years ago. The Pittsburgh woman figured out a special way to make sure her father was part of the ceremony. She wore charms with her father’s photo, secured to her white wedding shoes as a reminder that her dad, George, was with her every step of the way.

After the ceremony, photos were taken at a nearby park and one of the charms fell off her shoes.

“Then not until we were on the shuttle and on our way away, did I realize that the other one was missing too,” Flevaris said.

Luckily, a woman who was hiking later came across the charm.

“When we were walking I got ahead of everyone else and I don’t know why I looked down on the ground. But whenever I’m hiking, or I go for a hike, sometimes I just look down to make sure everything’s safe. And I spotted this and at a first I thought it was a charm for a necklace,” said Cara Blyzwik, who found the charm. “And my friend Janice who was with me said ‘Oh you should put that online, someone’s really going to miss that.’”

Blyzwik went straight to Facebook, and posted in a neighborhood Facebook group that Amber's brother-in-law was a member of.

“He happened to be on Facebook and he happened to see it," Flevaris said, calling it "a truly crazy coincidence that I’m just so happy it happened."

The charm did more than make it back to the bride.

“I just feel honored that I was able to do that, because my parents always raised us to do the right thing. And that God has a plan for our lives,” Blyzwik said.

Blyzwik interprets the message on the charm, discovered on her walk in the woods, to mean someone divine is with her on her walk through life.

“I’m so touched hearing the story about your father and it just feels meaningful that I’m able to be a part of it,” Blyzwik said.

When asked if Flevaris thinks her dad was at work here too, she said “Oh absolutely. I think he definitely had a hand in this and I think he wanted to tell you something, too, Cara, through that charm, so I think it’s really touching that it touched you in that way, too. I think that’s amazing,” she said.