Landlord pauses rent collection as tenants struggle to work during coronavirus outbreak

A landlord in Maine posted his plan to Facebook, and that post has since gone viral.


One Maine landlord is not collecting rent in April because of the coronavirus.

As the virus continues to spread, many people cannot work. That is why Nathan Nichols said he will not be collecting rent from his two units.

"One of my units is one family with a small child on a single income that is hourly and I know that they are under financial stress a lot of the time. It would be a lot more expensive for me to lose a tenant than to give one month’s rent off,” Nichols said.

Nichols posted his plan to Facebook, and that post has since gone viral.

"I am quite surprised and I am happy that it got shared a lot because I do seriously hope that people who have some privilege will see this and take a hard look and see what they can do," Nichols said.

While many are calling Nichols a hero on Facebook, he said he isn't doing anything special.

“I am literally just not taking some money that people were giving me,” Nichols said.

He said when times are tough, it is important for everyone to do small acts of generosity.

“More people (should)do this, which is the only reason I posted this in the first place — to hopefully get people to take a hard look at what they can do to keep things working,” Nichols said.

Nichols is hoping his act of kindness goes viral, like his Facebook post.