A father left his car and walked through a snowstorm to be with his son. He never made it

Jacob Whaley was about six miles from home when he decided to get out of his car and start walking through a snowstorm to reach his son.


Jacob Whaley didn't plan to let a snowstorm stop him from seeing his son.


The Virginia man proved that when he left his car after getting stuck in snowy conditions and tried to walk home but died before he could get there.

"They adored each other," Angela Whaley told WTVR about her brother and his relationship with his two-year-old son.

According to Whaley's family, the 34-year-old man ended up in a ditch when his car slid from a roadway around 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 3. He was about six miles from home when he decided to get out of his car and start walking, with his phone battery nearly empty.

A search party later found his body more than 200 yards into the woods.

"He was trying to find a path through the woods because there is a neighborhood that he lives, he could've gotten to and walked right across the street and been able to get home," Angela Whaley said. "He got out of his car because he wanted to go home and be with his dogs. He had visitation with his son. He wanted to go home so he would be able to see his dogs and son even though there was no electricity at home."

Angela Whaley said she spent seven hours searching for her brother, while "family members and civilians who didn't even know my brother" also helped.

"These were people who maybe didn't know him at all that were willing to look for him," she said.

Angela Whaley said she hopes to remember her brother as a man who always had a smile on his face and helped others.

"I would just make sure he knows I loved him," Angela Whaley said.