94-year-old goes skydiving for first time to honor late wife

Paul Grimme is taking a big leap in honor of his late wife.


Paul Grimme, 94, is taking a big leap in honor of his late wife.

Grimme went skydiving for the first time to celebrate his recent birthday and wedding anniversary. His wife died in January and 2019 would have marked 75 years together.

His granddaughter, Tara Klier, was determined to make the day special.

"When she passed away of course he was sad," Klier said. "So, on his birthday, in April, I said, 'Hey grandpa, I got you tickets to go skydiving. Will you go?' And he said. 'Hell yeah I'll go.'"

Grimme said he was inspired by another man who went skydiving at age 94: former President George H.W. Bush.

"I really didn't have fear," Grimme said. "But the scenery was just beautiful. I just couldn't get over the scenery. I would be willing to do it again. Not in the near future."

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