9-year-old uses passion for baking to raise money for older people

A girl who loves to bake sells her treats to loved ones to fund another project: Supporting a nonprofit group that delivers food to older people.


Emilee Suddarth doesn't just love to bake.

The 9-year-old has a baking side hustle to help support her primary mission: Giving back to a nonprofit group called One Good Meal, which delivers food to seniors.

Emilee sells her confections to friends and family. Then she uses that money to buy ingredients and bake even more!

She donates both money and cookies to the nonprofit group.

"Emilee has a big heart, and she loves cooking," her mother, Corrina Suddarth, said. "So she put those two things together and was able to really create a blessing for one good meal."

A bidding war over a tray of her treats raised $600, which was able to provide more than 100 meals for seniors in need.

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