9-year-old turns years of bullying into self-love anthem

'You’re beautiful and special. Just look within yourself.'


By the time he was 9, Kamryn Henderson knew all too well how bullies can make you feel about yourself.

"He just wanted to fit in and couldn’t understand why he didn’t. I wanted him to believe that he was amazing, but I didn’t know if my words would be enough. He started to call himself the terrible things other kids would call him, and it was heartbreaking," said his mother, Chloe Cooper.

"I think I was bullied because I wasn’t that type of boy who likes basketball, baseball or any other sport like that. I love to sing and dance, but I mean, I sing and dance everywhere I go. It’s who I am," said Kamryn.

Cooper says Kamryn’s love of music and performing literally saved his life.

"I also knew that he had an amazing talent to share, and I didn’t want him to give that up because of what he was being told by other kids," said Cooper.

“I wrote those lyrics because I feel like my feelings had to come out. I’ve kept so many things of my past to myself. But I feel like when I wrote the song, my family found out what actually happened," said Kamryn.

Some of the lyrics to Kamryn's song are:

"Sometimes people may tell you that,
you’re not good enough,
but you’re good enough.
You’re beautiful and special.
If no one ever tells you,
you don’t have to change a thing for someone else.
Just look within yourself.
You, you, you were meant to be.
Look inside yourself, and you will see.
You’re beautiful and special."

"I’ve actually written other songs, but I never recorded any of them until now. I write about my feelings and, once I put them in a song, I feel better, and I forget that I wrote it," said Kamryn.

"When Kamryn played the song for me, I could hear all the pain that he went through when he was bullied, but also the joy that came out of it. I knew that this message had to be shared," said Cooper.

Cooper hopes Kamryn’s song will remind people they can get through anything.

“I would like to tell the kids that have been through what I’ve been through that whatever the bully tells you is not true. You’re amazing and your truly matter," said Kamryn.

Chloe says it’s important for parents to know that sometimes acceptance is found outside of school.

"I would say help your child find their niche early on. If parents can continue to find different outlets for their kids to express themselves, then what kids say at school won’t matter," said Cooper.

What’s Cooper's final message to Kamryn?

“I just want to let Kamryn know that you are so loved and I am so proud of you, that you are using your love of music to help others get through what you got through," said Cooper.