9-year-old starts lip balm business with his mom

Turning a new hobby in to a side business


"It's good for your lips and then it has some flavors that smell really good," said Amir Brown.

Nine-year-old Amir Brown and his mother, Jania White, picked up a new hobby when things shut down in March of 2020.

"We didn't really have nothing to do, nowhere to go and he loves Chapstick and I was like, 'Well, I guess we can make it,'" said White.

And that's how A.B CO was founded. But trying to find a recipe for their product wasn't easy at first.

"The first couple of batches wasn't that great, so we tweaked the recipe a little bit," said White.

After adjusting the recipe, they landed on one that worked. Amir and Jania came up with the idea to sell the product they made in their own kitchen, because she wanted to teach her son a valuable life lesson.

"I just want to show him financial literacy. Starting him young, I think it kind of lets him figure out what he wants to do, what he doesn't want to do, but still have that freedom to do his own thing," said White.

"This is almond oil. We use this so it can stay together. You wait until it hardens up. And then you're done," said Brown.

As for Amir, he's hopeful that he can use the momentum from A.B CO to start his next venture.

"I want to start a career on YouTube," said Brown.

If you would like to check out Amir's business, you can click here.