8-year-old's bionic 'Hero Arm' saves his future

Bionic arm inspired by Marvel superhero Iron Man


After losing his arm to a bacterial infection, 8-year-old Sam’s life changed forever.

Doctors at Shriners Hospitals for Children in Massachusetts stepped in and built Sam a bionic arm that looks like the Marvel superhero Iron Man. They've dubbed it “The Hero Arm."

"You can see, it totally improves Sam's quality of life," says Sam's mother Michelle.

The arm is helping Sam live a normal life and regain confidence to do the things he loves.

"He can pick up toys like every other child, with a hand that normally couldn't pick up and grasp a toy if he didn't have a device on his arm," says Michelle.

And every day he gets closer to a better quality of life.

“He loves school and life and sports, and wants to do all those things to the best of his ability,” says Michelle.