60 years after Ruby Bridges desegregates school, students there honor her legacy

“I am Ruby Bridges.”


On November 14, 1960, 6-year-old Ruby Bridges desegregated William Frantz Elementary School.

“It was a major milestone for not only the history of our public education school system, but also here in the United States,” said New Orleans Schools Superintendent Henderson Lewis.

Today, William Frantz Elementary School has been renamed Akili Academy.

For the 60th anniversary of Ruby's courageous act, students at the school honored Ruby’s legacy by walking in her footsteps.

“The courage that Ruby and her family had on that day 60 years ago. The fact that she opened doors and opportunities for students in our schools and across this country,” said Akili Academy teacher Lesley Blouin.

The path to the school’s front door, which was once littered with rioters, was peaceful as Akili students carried signs saying things like “Thank you, Ruby."

They also sat on the steps holding drawings of her where she once stood.

“We are always thinking about: What are the things we need to do to make sure the promises to our children can be fulfilled?" said teacher Allison Lowe.

Who would’ve known that the courageous steps of one little girl would open doors for so many, including another little girl in California who became Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

“Vice President-elect who has made it very clear that she is walking in the shadow of Ruby Bridges,” said Lewis.