6 people who found something to be grateful for in 2020

Stories of people who stepped up, gave back and uplifted others this year


From COVID-19, to Election 2020, to protesting injustice across the nation, to say 2020 was a transformative year would be putting it lightly.

But these people reminded us that even when things feel impossible, there’s always something to be grateful for.

You'll meet a man who would've died if a stranger hadn't administered CPR, a woman who stepped up for a family of seven, a man spreading Christmas cheer to suffering businesses, a restaurant owner blessed by a good Samaritan, a 10-year-old advocate for people affected by homelessness and an 18-year-old who almost didn't survive COVID-19.

Each of these stories reminds us that although 2020 has been challenging, we can be thankful for the kindness of others.