'They didn't hesitate': Three inmates help save deputy after he had a medical emergency

The inmates saw that the deputy did not seem to be feeling well as he conducted security checks in the jail's housing unit.


The Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office is "deeply appreciative" of three Gwinnett County inmates who are credited with rescuing a deputy after he experienced a medical emergency.

According to the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office post, the inmates saw that Deputy Warren Hobbs did not seem to be feeling well as he conducted security checks in the jail's housing unit.

"Although they were locked in their cells, they kept an eye on him as he returned to his seat at the deputy desk, where he lost consciousness and fell onto the concrete floor, splitting his head open," the sheriff's office wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

According to the Sheriff's Office, the inmates began pounding on their doors, which led to the entire unit making noise, shouting for the deputy who was unconscious and bleeding heavily on the floor.

"Our deputy later stated that while he did not realize he'd been unconscious, he became aware of what sounded like pounding drums and could hear inmates shouting his name over and over. He immediately thought an inmate needed help and somehow managed to rise to his feet and press the control panel to open cell doors," the Sheriff's Office said.

Three inmates — Terry Loveless, Walter Whitehead and Mitchell Smalls — rushed out of their cells and rendered aid to the deputy, who had lost consciousnesses again. They then called for help via the deputy's desk phone and they also used the deputy's radio.

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Help then quickly arrived. According to the Sheriff's Office, the deputy is currently recovering at home.

The Sheriff's Office posted: "These inmates came to his aid because our deputy, like most law enforcement officers, treats people with the dignity they deserve. These inmates had no obligation whatsoever to render aid to a bleeding, vulnerable deputy, but they didn't hesitate.

"Many people have strong opinions about law enforcement officers and criminals, but this incident clearly illustrates the potential goodness found in both.

"We're proud of our deputy, whose strong desire to serve gave him the strength to activate the door release when he believed an inmate needed his help. In doing so, he released his rescuers. We're proud of them, too."