Family says 16-year-old was protecting his sister when he was fatally shot

“He was sitting on the stairs, minding his own business," the victim's mother said.


A 16-year-old teenager was shot to death Tuesday afternoon after allegedly protecting his sister in northwest Oklahoma City.

The family told sister station KOCO that the victim is Armani Combs, who was shot after allegedly fighting with another teenager over his 12-year-old sister. That fight turned into a deadly shooting.

“They got into a fight, and he shot him. He shot him while they were fighting,” the victim’s mother, Kristy Combs, said.

Kristy Combs was shaking and sobbing after arriving to the scene to find out her son had been killed.

“He was sitting on the stairs, minding his own business. A guy came in and asked where his sister was,” she said.

According to Kristy Combs, that other person was also a teen.

“He didn’t bother anybody. He didn’t do anything,” she said.

Armani Combs’ brother, Ray Adams, said he was killed for protecting his sister.

“He went out doing the right thing. He did the right thing. I wasn’t there,” Adams said.

Police and Armani Combs’ family are looking for the person who pulled the trigger.

“This is one where we certainly need the public’s help,” said Master Sgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department. “Anyone with information on this, we want to hear from them.”

Police said they want to catch the shooter before they have a chance to do this again.

“It’s just people are killing people, and it just needs to stop,” Kristy Combs said.

Police officials said they don’t have a description of the shooter at this time.