15-year-old football player hopes to inspire other kids who have prosthetics

Lucas is hoping to set an example for other kids who are like him, after Seattle Seahawks linebacker Shaquem Griffin inspired him.


Lucas Jundt doesn’t take his role on his high school football team for granted.

His parents abandoned him in China when he was five days old, after he was born without a fibula bone in his legs.

A police officer found him and took him to an orphanage. After he was adopted in 2011, he gained a family, but lost his legs.

"It was just very hard," Lucas said. "I saw other kids run around and play and do stuff they want. And I was sitting at home, just thinking, 'Why do I have this?'"

Lucas later got fitted with prosthetic legs. Now he’s a receiver at Kenosha Indian Trail High School in Wisconsin.

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