13-year-old beekeeper using his passion to raise money for his education

You can buy the entrepreneur's raw honey and book on his website.


It all started when 13-year-old Keith Griffith III became curious with his uncle’s bees.

“One day, he asked to feed the bees. Ya know, I didn’t think none about it,” said his uncle, Shawn Griffith.

“I started feeding them. And then like, one time, I went out there to go check on them and like, the sugar was like, tilting out so I went ahead and picked it up without a suit on, surprisingly. I picked it up and I put it back,” Keith Griffith III said.

Soon it blossomed into a passion and became an outlet to take his mind away from his struggles.

In September 2019, he published a book called "Honeybees and Beekeeping: A Mental Health Miracle."

“I wrote the book to get my mind off my parents being incarcerated and it really helped out. And it was pretty fun to write,” said Keith.

His book is available on his website for purchase, along with Beeing 2gether, the brand of raw honey that Keith and his uncle collect, package and sell for $12.

The money Keith earned is used to support his education and give back to the community.

Shawn says he's proud that his nephew's actions are setting a good example for his peers.

“My nephew is making it cool to care about your community, to care about your neighborhood, and your environment and on top of it, your health,” said Shawn.